The Dominica Association of Local Community Authorities is a sub or similar company formed from the very same company DALA. This is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian  to champion the cause of the District Associations. DALCA  facilitates non-governmental activities and to  fosters  unity among all District Associations without enforcing total authority over them.


The aims and objectives of DALCA are:

  • To protect and promote the interests, rights, functions and privileges of all Local Community Authorities.
  • To provide a medium of communication and to confer with Central Government and other bodies, on matters affecting Local Government in the State.
  • To promote and develop social, cultural, educational and recreational activities for the benefit of all Local Authorities
  • To provide a forum for Local Authorities to address matters of common interest, such as Legislative and Administrative Proposals, with a view to taking common action thereon
  • To assist in the provision of effective and efficient Local Government



A vibrant, Association; locally & internationally recognised, supporting, advocating, advancing the rights interests and sustainable development of Local Government Authorities island-wide.



To Champion the cause of Local Authorities through Capacity Building, Networking, Advocacy, Local Economic Development and effective representation of rights, interests and views